How to Workshop Your Script (Meeting Setup)

Here's a step-by-step on how to properly setup a meeting & invite the group:

  • Sign into your Gmail account and go to your calendar

  • Click the red Create button in upper left

  • Enter event details:

    • Event title naming convention:

      • Full script = Author's "Title" (Ex. Mike Haas' "I Love the Pirate Argh")

      • 20pg = 20-page workshop: Authors' names (Ex. 20-page workshop: Jake, Wade)

    • Date, time, and location (make sure you've called Packard's or NCTV first to book a space)

    • Under the "calendar" drop-down menu, make sure you choose "Noho Screenwriters Workshop".

      • This is the step where everyone drops the ball.

    • Under "Description" make sure you type in your logline and genre (or loglines & genres for all pieces, if a 20-page workshop)

    • Under the "Add Guests" box at right, type and click "Add"

      • No need to set "Reminders"; they have already been set as a default.

  • Click "Save" at the top of the page (your event won’t be created without this step)

  • A window pops up: "Send invitations?" Click "Send".

You're done! The calendar has just invited everyone in the group!

No Need to Send Reminders

The calendar will automatically send an RSVP request/reminder when:

  • The event is created

  • 1 week prior to the event

  • The day prior to the event

  • If details (location, time, etc) for your event are changed

To check your RSVPs (or send reminders to non-rsvp'd members)

  • Go to your Gmail calendar

  • Make sure Noho Screenwriters Workshop is hi-lited in the My/Other calendars area at bottom left (just click it if it is not).

  • Navigate to your event.

    • Note - your event may appear twice - once on your calendar (one color), and once on the NSW calendar (another color). Click on the NSW one, then Edit event details. A new window opens.

  • Along right, you will see a report of RSVPs. Beneath is a detailed report by member. A check to the left of their email means they have RSVP'd "Yes", a ? = "Maybe", and X = "No"

  • If you want to send a note, click Email guests (along right above list of invitees). A new window opens.

  • Check/uncheck the appropriate (Yes, Awaiting responses) boxes, or manually delete email addresses you don't want to include.

  • Type message and click Send.

Group Calendar

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Members: Updating Your NSW Bio Page

Want to update your bio page, as listed on the site?  Below  two quick training videos on how to do so:

You'll need a password to get into the site. If you can't remember it, contact Wade.

  • How to update text - If you are an existing member (or if someone has set you up a template to work off of), this 6-minute tutorial walks you through how to overwrite text to update your bio, scripts, etc on this website.

  • How to update images (and the text that appears *on top of* images) - This video walks you through how to work with the images on your page.