Kevin Stuart Brodie’s day job is as a high school history teacher, but he has been writing and publishing most of his adult life. He has published essays in the Santa Cruz Spectacle, Grassroots Economic Organizing (where he once served as contributing editor), and poetry in a number of publications including Sojourners. Kevin has done a number of poetry readings throughout southern New England. He has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

A few years ago, a story that had tormenting him for months was consistently refusing to be written as a novel, despite Mr. Brodie’s best efforts to turn it into one. He finally realized that he actually saw the story as a movie and wrote his first screenplay, “Ashes.” That script, work shopped at the Pulse Ensemble Theater in New York City, placed in both the Writer’s Digest and Century City Film Festival competitions.  It was also a quarter finalist in the 2012 Nicholl Fellowship for Screenwriting.

Incurably infected with the screenwriting bug, Kevin has since written four others, and all have been work shopped in New York with Pulse. One of his most recent efforts, “Season of Mists,” has won thirteen different contests and festivals and reached the semifinal round of the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. Mr. Brodie recently assisted San Francisco area producer Brant Smith (“Quality of Life”) with script development and on set script supervision for his forthcoming project, “In World War.” Kevin is a graduate of UCLA’s MFA program, Dov Simens’ Film School, and Robert McKee’s Story Seminar.

Recently, Mr. Brodie has branched out into play writing.  He has had two one act plays produced at the Playhouse on Park theater in West Hartford, Connecticut,  In October 2016, his first two act play “Invincible Summer” was staged for a reading at the John Desotelle Theater in New York City.

A former district Teacher of the Year, Kevin lives in Storrs, Connecticut with a silly English Shepherd named Lollie.

He blogs on writing and teaching at

Completed Screenplays

Season of mists

Romantic Drama
Logline: A Kurdish escapee from an honor killing attempts to rebuild her life in Boston until an accusation of violent extremism has her sent to a detention center. She must then find the strength to resist her captors and free herself--forcing a confrontation with the brother that wanted her dead.

october surprise

Political Drama
Logline: An American Secretary of State still haunted by the torture he endured as a young man, must negotiate the release of hostages with a rival nation's president--the same man who tortured him years before.


Romantic Comedy
Logline: A misanthropic animal shelter owner finally falls for a woman he thinks he can trust--unaware she's a disguised pop star desperately searching for meaning in her own life.


Family Drama
Logline: A school teacher who discovers his deceased father’s closeted homosexuality finds he is unable to cope with his own insecurities and his family’s prejudices—prompting an all consuming obsession with returning his father’s ashes to his British birthplace.


Logline: A college professor accused of Holocaust denial tries to clear his name and repair the strained relationship with his teenage daughter before the scandal can widen the chasm between them.


Drama (Television Pilot)
Logline: A high school physics teacher suffering from PTSD as a result of a school shooting returns to the classroom after a two year absence. Aside from battling his own trauma, he finds himself thrust into a political war with the school leadership that wishes to dismantle the public school and replace it with a private institution.  

For more information on any of the above scripts, contact Kevin at ksbhsi51 at gmail dot com.