Award-winning micro-budget filmmaker Wade Wofford is a jack-of-all-trades in the world of the moving image, having begun his study of cinema as an actor in Atlanta, then scenic artist, gaffer and cinematographer in LA, then found his calling in writing, directing & producing during his NYC years and beyond.

In 2005, he began his first feature film - Perception - which he wrote, directed & produced on a $20,000 budget. It went on to win The Royal Reel Award in Filmmaking in Vancouver and Best Dramatic Feature at the Hollywood DIY Film Festival, whose programmers called Perception "a really great, beautifully shot and compelling film that stays with you for days afterwards."

Wofford founded Noho Screenwriters Workshop in 2006, where he met his future partners - who would later go on to form a truly independent production company - Happy Wasteland Studios - which has since produced two feature films (both distributed by IndieRights Movies):

  1. Jake Hulse's Heroes Don't Come Home, on which Wofford acted as Director of Photography, and which held its world premiere at Mann's Chinese as part of the 2016 Dances With Films.

  2. Wofford's second feature, The Answer - which he again wrote, produced & directed - which won the Rising Star Award at Canada International Film Festival. Film Inquiry called it “an intricate, humanistic tale of believably real men…We need more films like these.”

Completed Films

The Answer poster

Feature Film: A friendship journey

Winner, Rising Star Award - Canada International Film Festival

Role: Writer / Director / Producer


Feature Film: Post-9/11 Drama

  • World Premiered @ Mann's Chinese @ Dances With Film 2016

Role: Director of Photography, Partner of Production Company

Perception Poster

Feature Film: Indie Arthouse Drama

  • Winner, Royal Reel Award - Canada International Film Festival

  • Winner, Best Dramatic Feature - DIY Film Festival

Role: Writer / Director / Producer

Completed Screenplays


Allegorical Satire about current American divisions - in the camp of “The Big Lebowski” or Wes Anderson
Logline: A quirky woman and her two best friends must run in a bizarre road race so they can talk to Uma Thurman, kill Mah, and return the endangered hirsute eagle to its rightful home in the U.S.


Episodic Sci-Fi Horror Series (Five 10-episode seasons) - co-written with Jake Hulse
Logline: Sofia knows she's not crazy; what she saw as a girl that day her family was slaughtered was real. But the moment she finds proof of her sanity, she discovers...a dark force...tearing at the fabric of our world.

Plus 50

Political Drama - a relevant environmental script akin to "Babel" or "Traffic"
Logline: The year...2069. The Rio Grande stands dry.  Military factions in China war over control of water treatment facilities.  The heat index in Atlanta is 140 degrees.  Genocide in Mali over dwindling resources.  And four people throughout the country fight to protect their families from the environmental reality that is tomorrow.

Urban Ed

Documentary-style Drama - based on Wofford’s experiences teaching high school English in the inner city
      Winner, New England Film Fellowship - Stowe Story Labs
Logline: When a group of urban teens find out that their small charter school is closing its doors in the middle of the school year, they must come to terms with the conflicting lessons the world around them is teaching.

The Southerland School

Sci-Fi Drama - "Good Will Hunting" with a dash of "A Few Good Men" 
      Winner, Best Sci-Fi Screenplay - Nashville Film Festival
Logline: A radical school of psychology has been removing children from their homes for over two decades, to raise them in a clinical atmosphere thought better for their development. As their first student enters the world a genius, the school is sued for malpractice.

The Common Man

Crime Drama - A single-location character ensemble (currently in development)
Logline: A high-profile corporate attorney has vanished. Her kidnappers arrive to a dirty public men’s restroom on the side of the freeway to sell her to a mysterious buyer. When the buyer reveals his intentions, the deal spirals out of control.


Psychological thriller - gritty, urban, intelligent: the next “Se7en”
Logline: A serial killer becomes fascinated with the work of a videographer, and begins staging his murders to be filmed for broadcast on the daily news.

Ones & Zeroes

Offbeat romance - a modern tale of complex love in the vein of "Her" or "Adaptation" 
Logline: A computer programmer working for a dating website aims to "solve" love with a new romantic simulator, but when she gets involved in a real-world relationship, finds that her program has some problems.

For more information on any of the above scripts, contact wade at happywasteland dot com

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